Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finally a new blogpost!

Well it has been a real long time since I have posted anything on my blog. I have been visiting all the blogs that I follow and tried to keep hold on everyone. I had a real rough winter with a huge depresion and I was hoping for a good summer, but we had rain for six weeks........wich wasn't any fun at all. I have spend most of my time reorganizing my home, in the hope that it will help us to keep things organized easier but most of all because my son has ADD and has real trouble keeping order. Everything has his own place know and most of it is labeled so he can easily find things and knows where he has to put it back. This way we save a lot of bad energy in arguments. With all this in mind I figured out a plan together with my two kids and we made a list of all of the things we wanted to change, then we figured out how and made a plan for it. We wanted our home easy to clean up, it is small and in the winter we spend a lot of time inside, so we need space for the kids to play and have fun, and we like to have friends over for diner, so we needed space for that to. One of the major problems of our home was our kitchen, it was small, had no storage space or working area and it was impossible two be in there with more then one person. We had to change the kitchen, that was for sure, so I made a layout of what would be the kitchen that I wanted and then went in search of the materials. I bought the kitchen cabinets second hand and saved a lot of money, but we also needed the plumbing and electrics changed, and new tiles, paint and floor.
Getting the old kitchen out and the new one all finished in took us two weeks. And know we love to in it, we cook together and enjoy our new paradise. I wil post some pictures below.

As you see it was a major job! I am know cooking where the sink used to be, and the fridge is where I used to cook.

Right know we are working on our office/laundy room/scraproom/lego space all this in one room. Our challenge to find balance and space for our family and keep some storage space as well.

Our son's bedroom is to small to play so I made space for him, I had to take out some shelving units to create floor space for him and now am looking for a way to save the things we want to save. I cleaned up lots of things and it was a lot of memories to go through. But we are getting there.

We also are gonna change the wall paper in our bedroom and we will be getting some extra drawer space for our clothes.

The main struggle we have is our budget, which is non. I am selling stuff that we don't need any more to be able to buy the things we really need.
We bought some plastic drawers to save the lego's and other suplies. I bought a second hand Alex drawer unit from ikea, and now I am in the search of the other ones to hold my table. This way I hope I will be able to store all my scrapbooking supplies under my table.

With all this reorganizing and my new time management I hope to get my live better organized and be able to get some time to create. Just the knowing that you have certain nights or hours at certain day that you know are for you to let go of your creative ideas makes me happy. The winters are long over here and I hope to create a lot.

Well I did create something. I finished a mariposa minialbum and have two more started. Here are the pictures of the one that I have finished.

Let me know what you think about it!
It was a gift for a special granny, the mom of my best friend.

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