Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We are back from Sardegna......and we already miss it !!!!

As most of you already know we went to Isola di sant antioco for three weeks and we had a great time. In our eyes it is just a piece of paradise. There are just a few tourist and most of the time you have the beach allmost for yourself. We are a family that loves the sea so this is perfect for us. The people are realy friendly and the food and weather are great. There is so much to see besides the great beaches, there is a lot of history and great places to go to.

Here are just a few pictures so that you get a small idea about it.....


  1. Ei! quines vacances més xules! segur que heu descansat i disfrutat molt!!
    Petons des de Barcelona!

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous! I am jealous of your trip! I need a vacation on a tropical island!