Sunday, January 25, 2009

November 22, 2008

What a day…. We got up early this morning because as usually Alex had his swimming lesson at 8,45 in the morning. When we got up and looked out of the window everything was white, it had been snowing and it was as if there was this huge white blanket that had fallen down the sky. We got dressed and when we where going through the street with my bike you could here nothing but the snow cracking underneath my wheels. When he had finished his swimming lesson we rushed home for a coffee and some breakfast. After that we dressed real warm and went to the harbor because to day is a big day for all the kids Sinterklaas is arriving in town. We made it in time, and Alex stood right in front . He was so happy. Alicia looks at it different know, but she got together with her friends and had a great time. After his arrival and Alex had said hello to him we rushed back to the swimming pool, because Alicia had to swim for her B certificate. And she passed. She did great. In just 3 months she got her A and B certificate. We’re so proud of her. After she had finished we went home and Alex gave her a present. That night we all went to bed early and with a huge smile.

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